Monday, March 27, 2017

remembering my dad

It's nearing a month since my dad left us, leaving a void, wide as an ocean..
 a studio picture at two, with his favorite doggy, Bag.
He is gone and I measure the yards he covered..old albums which were preserved as treasures were dug out..the pages were yellowed and most were just photo corners without pictures. He lived life on his own terms..he was the spirit at every party, though he did not have any siblings, he was big brother to all his cousins. I thank the Lord that he never had to wait at hospital corridors for tests and reports, nor did he had to sacrifice sweets and spice..he had them all to his heart’s content. God shielded him from tragic events which is hard to escape till eighty odd years. He was insecure without my mom, and never would have a minute passed without him calling out to her..she waited on him hand and foot. Thank God that he was chosen first and so was spared the pangs of separation..which he could not have handled..he had a big heart..and a sad story was enough to empty his purse. Where do they go after they leave us I wonder? How will he cope? He reminded me of uncle Podger..needed assistance for a teeny weeny thing..that too it should come from nowhere but my mom.. Cannot hope for concrete answers, though many claims I have read about.. The cycle of birth and death…but prayers can accelerate their journey towards a better birth..I pray.

Some beautiful moments captured..
his college days
clicked when on vacation..he would talk to all and sundry from the gate and endeared himself to kids,teens  and adults alike
beginning of his tenure at Qatar Petroleum

He was handsome,smart, made his presence felt wherever he was, he dressed impeccably well...a charmer he was.
Picture which he sent his mother after getting his job and bought a radio

his soul mate who waited on him hand and foot and for her, his word was too God Blessed him and she was with him and he did not have to endure the pangs of separation.
 there I a hospital in mom till date has no clue to the exact time I was born..ha anxious grandmas  waiting outside to record the star the child was born into..
 he was a good at Tennis and watched the game with fervor till his last days.
an hour's drive to Umm said, a small town where weekends are a ball ..

his father..whom he adored and worshipped..though they were different as chalk and cheese
an ace swimmer..hours were spent lying on the blue sea..
when he had about of chicken pox..Oh had a terrible time..he was so cranky..God Bless him
when his mom visited Qatar..a studio picture
party for the Gaana Gandharvan at home
his secret hobby..scientific experiments..this pic was important..but right now have no clue
his team at office
a meal with his bosom friend Khan uncle
fun,and frolic was second skin to him..organised parties and picnics for children when the gang reaches there for holidays..
with the then Indian Ambassador was invited home
evenings at home.
doted on his grand kids
proud father..for my book launch


  1. Chandini lovely write-up bless his soul. Took me down memory lane, flash back of time spent with him..

  2. Lovely tribute to your loving father. My father too passed away last year at the age of 93, he suffered from Dementia during his last 2 years. We lost our mother more than 23 years ago and he would always remember her and cry even while he lost his memory he still remembered her very well.
    We all have to leave one day, no point in hanging on to this world when we have done everything within our means , enjoyed and experienced almost everything in life. I never want to livelong as my father, I pray I can have an early death like my mother while I am still healthy.

  3. Chandini.... lovely tribute. Your prolific writing took me back in time children...Keep writing you can weave wonders...await your blog scribblings. I too have a blog...walkwithjaggu...but never wrote anything. May be you inspired me to pen a few of the Many memories of life. Your father in heaven am sure will be proud of a daughter like you. Best of luck